Borderline Personality Disorder


So, you’ve received the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder.


Now what?


Many clients feel a sense of relief. Finally, there is an explanation for the struggles they face in their lives. The difficulty in relationships, the erratic emotional behavior, the inability to articulate how they feel, the desire to self-harm, or even thoughts of suicide.


Now, the work can begin!


Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, skills can be learned to help with those difficulties in life. It is a scientifically proven therapy to help clients become mindful, regulate their emotions, and build strong, healthy relationships.


Or. . .


maybe you haven’t received that diagnosis but the symptoms seem to fit you.


Understanding what is happening within your brain and body are the first steps to controlling them. This is the perfect place to start in building the life you desire.


Call us today to find out if this is your struggle and how to move forward to a happy, fulfilled life!

It's time to start working on this. . .

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